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The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) and CECity.com, Inc. (CECity), announced the launch of Ostonics Quality Systems, LLC, a joint venture created to deliver ProteQt FLS ™, the premier cloud-based solution for implementing and managing a Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) in health systems and health care practices. The ProteQt FLS system helps enroll eligible patients, track their progress, coordinate their care, and assess their outcomes, while helping health care organizations benchmark performance and access proven tools to help them improve against quality measures that matter.

Currently in the U.S., after breaking a bone, less than 30% of women age 65-85 are tested and/or treated for osteoporosis. This lack of commitment to fracture prevention is a major failing of the U.S. healthcare system and leads to increased health care expenditures, morbidity and mortality. The number of bone breaks per year caused by osteoporosis exceeds the incidence of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined.

The formation of Ostonics Quality Solutions aligns NOF’s expertise in FLS training for doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals with CECity’s award-winning, cloud-based registry platform for building continuous learning health systems.

Healthcare is transforming from fee-for-service to paying for quality, outcomes and care coordination. ProteQt FLS enables practices and health systems to take advantage of these changes with a turnkey solution for instituting a FLS program that will manage and improve patient care with value and performance as two key drivers.  Use of the ProteQt FLS tools will help generate savings and revenue for osteoporosis centers, hospitals and medical practices and make reporting for osteoporosis quality and outcome measures easier.

“Measuring performance can be a powerful and transformative process in the osteoporosis field, but only if physicians and health plans have access to standard dashboards that objectively reflect how they compare against meaningful quality measures,” said Debbie Zeldow, chief business officer, Ostonics. “Our goal at Ostonics is to make this service broadly available so that we can rapidly improve measurement and care for osteoporosis patients who fracture a bone.”

ProteQt FLS provides one cloud-based portal to manage patients, performance and quality. It includes a patient registry, task tracker, quality measure dashboard, Big Data analytics, quality improvement tools and care coordination within a secure social network, regardless of institution, to enable and improve care coordination and care transitions among physicians and across institutions.

FLS is a coordinated preventive care model which operates under the supervision of bone health specialists and collaborates with the patient’s primary care physician. Post-fracture care is managed through a FLS coordinator (a RN, NP, PA or other healthcare professional) who ensures individuals who fracture receive appropriate diagnosis, treatment and support. Patients with recent fractures are tracked via a population registry and processes/timelines are established for patient assessment and follow-up.

FLS programs have been successful in a number of closed and open settings, both in the U.S. and abroad and these programs have greatly reduced the number of costly and serious recurrent fractures by identifying and appropriately treating post-fracture patients, recognizing that this group has the highest risk of future fractures.

The launch of Ostonics and ProteQt FLS will include a comprehensive marketing effort to reach healthcare professionals, practice managers and hospital administrators.

To learn more about ProteQt FLS, please visit www.Ostonics.com or send an email to info@ostonics.com.

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CECity is the health care industry’s leading provider of cloud-based registry platforms for building continuous learning health systems that address the “3 Ps” driven by healthcare reform: Pay for Value Reporting, Performance Improvement and Professional Certification. CECity combines its unique registry and Big Data analytics platform with education and improvement interventions from world-class partners, to help all stakeholders answer the most important question, “How Do We Improve?” Since 1997, leading organizations across healthcare have counted on CECity to power and scale their high-stakes performance measurement, management, reporting, and improvement solutions as part of a global learning health system model for practice-based safety and quality improvement. CECity was one of the first PQRS registries qualified by CMS in 2008 and is widely recognized as the #1 cloud-based PQRS registry today. CECity powers approximately 20 percent of the nation’s Qualified Clinical Data Registries in partnership with leaders in quality, is the leading solution for Meaningful Use Specialized Registry Reporting, and is the exclusive performance assessment organization for the Bridges to Excellence program. Learn more: www.cecity.com.

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Established in 1984, the National Osteoporosis Foundation is the nation’s leading health organization dedicated to preventing osteoporosis and broken bones, promoting strong bones for life and reducing human suffering through programs of awareness, education, advocacy and research. For more information on the National Osteoporosis Foundation, visit www.bonehealthandosteoporosis.org.

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