Break Free

Break Free from Osteoporosis

Through BHOF’s national awareness campaign — Break Free from Osteoporosis — we’re encouraging you to take action by learning your risk factors and changing your lifestyle to build strong bone for life.

Break Free Materials

Join us in encouraging others to Break Free from Osteoporosis and help us stop this disease before it robs anymore of our friends, family members or ourselves of our ability to stay healthy and independent as we age.

We’re providing the tools and resources you need to learn your risk factors for osteoporosis and make the lifestyle changes needed to protect your bones. Download and share our materials to educate others and help them join you in building strong bones for life.

Meet Bone Health Ambassador Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Strong Voices for Strong Bones®

BHOF’s Bone Health Ambassador, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, contributes her time and talent to help BHOF raise awareness for the importance of bone health at every life stage. Learn more about Barbara below.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Barbara Hannah GruffermanA well-known advocate for healthy and positive living, Barbara is dedicating her time, talent and energy to raise awareness for osteoporosis and the importance of building strong bones for life. As BHOF’s first Bone Health Ambassador, she is leading by example and using her frequent speaking engagements and regular television and radio appearances as opportunities to share the BHOF mission and motivate people to take action and build healthy bones that will last a lifetime.

Barbara is the author of the best-selling resource book, The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More, has a weekly front-page column on Huffington Post and and is leveraging her reach and trusted reputation with women over 50 to amplify NOF’s messages on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent osteoporosis.

Follow the links below to read recent articles and blog posts by Barbara and to watch videos from her “Best of Everything After 50” AARP video series.

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