Bone Healthy Recipes

Diet and exercise play critical roles in building and maintaining good bone health for people at every life stage – from infancy through adulthood. To help you work bone healthy ingredients into your meals, we partnered with some of America’s best chefs to create osteoporosis food recipes that are good for your bones.

Follow the links below to open each recipe and view the complete ingredients and instructions. We’ve also provided the nutritional information for each recipe.

Recipes1Colleen Grapes, pastry chef, The Red Cat and The Harrison in New York, NY: Skyr Yogurt Panna cotta with Raspberries, Flax Seed, Peppermint & Cocoa Powder
Recipe2Todd Gray, executive chef and co-owner, Equinox Restaurant, Washington, D.C.: Harri’s Sardine Sandwich with Mustard & Yogurt Butter
Recipe 3Hamid Idrissi, chef/owner Tangine Dining Gallery, New York, NY: Lamb Tangine with Prunes, Almonds, Sesame Seeds & Yogurt Sauce
Recipe4Billy Oliva, executive chef, Delmonico’s Restaurant Group, New York, NY: Smoked Gouda Alaskan King Crab Mac ‘n Cheese
Recipe5Nick Stellino, cookbook author and host of the “Cooking with Nick Stellino” television series broadcast nationally on PBS: Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

“When we think about building strong bones, we must think food first,” Chef Nick Stellino says. “Calcium, vitamin D, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats are the building blocks for creating strong bones for people of all ages. These are ingredients that I’m passionate about using and I’m thrilled my recipe will help people enjoy good food that is good for them!”

Criteria for the bone healthy recipes was developed by a registered dietician using the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) guidelines for calcium-rich foods and other ingredients essential for bone health. BHOF (formerly NOF) then asked chefs to create a recipe, or adapt an existing recipe, to meet the bone healthy criteria.

Nutritional analysis for each recipe above provided by FoodCare.

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MyPlate Kitchen Recipes

MyPlate Kitchen is a recipe website that helps with healthy meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping. A calcium-rich diet is key for bone health. The site features a large, searchable database of healthy and budget-friendly recipes, options to download cookbooks or build your own, options to save/print/share recipes via social media, and much more! Make sure to browse the Category of “Get More Calcium” for helpful/great/new recipe ideas.

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