October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day. Join BHOF and organizations across the globe in raising awareness and resources to promote better bone health!

Ask the Expert: Exercise and Safe Movement

Visit the BHOF online support community, hosted by Inspire, to post your questions about exercise and safe movement. Your questions will be answered Monday, October 16th, through Friday, October 20th, 2023 by KavitaPatel, PT, DPT, a physical therapist and Master Trainer for BHOF’s BoneFit USA Exercise Training Program for exercise specialists and healthcare professionals and Rebekah Rotstein, NCPT, a certified Pilates instructor, creator of Buff Bones®, and member of BHOF’s Ambassador Leadership Council.

We encourage you to start posting your questions now. Please be sure to follow the post and look for responses!

How to participate:

  • Your questions: we invite you to post your questions in the replies section of the discussion posted on the BHOF Online Community Page.
    • If you prefer to ask your question anonymously, please send TeamInspire a private message with the subject line “Ask the Expert – Bone Health” and they will post it to this discussion on your behalf.
    • Please note: we will NOT be answering questions posted outside this Ask the Expert post.
  • Answers: we will be posting answers as a threaded reply to your questions in the replies section of this discussion beginning Monday, October 16. We may also respond to a group of similar questions with one response.
  • End of Event / Constraints: The event ends on Friday, October 20, at 11:00 pm EST. Please understand if we are unable to get to your question due to time or topic constraints.

Please visit the profiles on each of our experts and read their bios to learn more!

Kavita Patel, DPT: https://www.inspire.com/m/KavitaPatel_DPT/about
Rebekah Rotstein, NCPT: https://www.inspire.com/m/RebekahRotstein/about

October Events in Honor of World Osteoporosis Day

A diagnosis doesn’t mean the end to an independent, active, and fulfilling life. Break free from your osteoporosis and build strong bones for life with different fitness events promoting safe movement leading up to World Osteoporosis Day on Friday, October 20, and beyond.

Fall Prevention Exercise Class with Carol Michaels

Monday, October 2, from 4:00pm-4:45pm ET
This virtual introduction to fall prevention will teach several basic exercises needed to improve balance and prevent falls, helping those with osteoporosis regain function and mobility for activities of daily living. The class will be helpful for those who have difficulty standing on one leg for 10 seconds. Please obtain clearance from your healthcare provider before participating. The class requires use of a chair, pillow, and a resistance band. This program is free and open to the public! Please email Carol Michaels at caroljmichaels@gmail.com to sign up!

Why Healthy Bones Matter™ for People Living with Breast Cancer

Wednesday, October 11, 12:00-1:00pm ET
Join Peer Educator Beth Maberry for a free virtual program as she discusses bone health for people living with breast cancer. Beth has worked in education since 2007. She is a massage therapist who is certified to teach multiple Community Health Education and fitness programs. She takes joy in helping people reach their wellness goals and feels blessed to be a Community Health Educator at Tampa General Hospital. When she isn’t playing with her kids, training in martial arts, or looking at spreadsheets, Beth is home reading a book when she can find a quiet moment. Register here: https://bit.ly/3F9z36Q

Too Fit to Fracture Series: Part 1

Thursday, October 12, 2:00-3:00pm ET
The first in-person lecture in a two-part series will cover current treatments and the role of physical therapy. The second in-person lecture, to be held on October 26 at 2pm ET, will cover exercise recommendations, movements to avoid, and the importance of balance. The lectures will be held at WellWay Cape Coral, 609 SE 13th Court, Cape Coral, FL 33990. The classroom is located on the second floor of WellWay. To RSVP, call 239-468-0050 or visit leehealth.org/events.

Posture Power™ – Hosted By Richmond Senior Center (San Francisco, CA)

Tuesday, October 17, 1:00-2:00pm ET
You have the power to prevent broken bones that can lead to disability and loss of independence. This free virtual live event led by Peer Educator Teresa Maldonado Marchok will help you unlock this power. The secret is proper body mechanics! You’ll learn the right and wrong ways to do your everyday activities to protect your spine from injury. Stand tall, and get the most out of life! Register here: https://bit.ly/46GAUMx

Menopause Month and Bone Health Exercise with Debra Atkison

Wednesday, October 18, at 4pm ET
Join Debra for a masterclass on how to use exercise to offset menopause health concerns like (muscle and) Bone Loss. PLUS… opt for a free daily class on Facebook for demonstrations of exercises to support your bone health and safety Sunday, October 15 – Friday, October 20. If you have questions, please contact debra@flippingfifty.comRegister here: https://www.flippingfifty.com/menopausebetter

Using Food to Protect Your Bones: A Guide for Cancer Survivors and those at Risk (Zoom Webinar)

Thursday, October 19, at 7pm ET
What you eat directly impacts your bones. Discover how this works, the bone-building foods and nutrients you should add to your meals, and ways these can also improve other aspects of your health. And with October being Cancer Awareness Month, learn about the American Institute of Cancer Research’s (AICR) New American Plate to develop strategies to reduce your cancer risk and make healthier food choices each day. Part of the webinar series Buff Bones® Presents: Meet the Experts, with health sponsor UCLA Health. FREE! Must register in advance. If you have questions, please contact webinars@buff-bones.com. Register here: https://courses.buff-bones.com/buff-bones-presents-meet-the-experts

Live Bone Building Workout to Celebrate with Amy VanLiew

Friday, October 20, at 11:00am ET
Let’s celebrate World Osteoporosis Day with a live bone building workout! Grab a set of dumbbells (or soup cans or whatever else you can find) and let’s build some strong bones together. This program is free and open to the public! If you have questions, please contact amy@behealthyenough.comRegister here: https://behealthyenough.com/osteoporosis-day-workout/

Boost your Bone Health at your Desk! (Zoom Webinar)

Friday, October 20, at 12pm ET
Join us on World Osteoporosis Day for just 20 MINUTES with handy tips on ways to protect your bones, even at the office! Jump on the bone health bandwagon and discover key elements and exercises to add into your routine, including ones you can do even with your boss around the corner. You’ll return to work energized and empowered with a handful of new tools in your kit for better bones now and in the years to come! It’s FREE but you must register in advance.  If you have questions, please contact challengehelp@buff-bones.com. Register here: https://courses.buff-bones.com/boost-your-bone-health-at-your-desk/

Beyond the Break™ – Hosted By ReachUp (Tampa, FL)

Tuesday, October 24, 4:00-5:00pm ET
Having a broken bone is a sentinel event and it is critical to learn that it is an indicator that bones may be weak, and there is an increased risk of future broken bones. Join Jaimie Colonna, American Bone Health Peer Educator, as she explains how to manage your risk to prevent more broken bones. It’s recommended that you know your 10-year fracture risk. Take a moment to complete the American Bone Health Fracture Risk Calculator™ and copy of your risk assessment. Register here: https://bit.ly/46973MJ

Too Fit to Fracture Series: Part 2

Thursday, October 26, 2:00-3:00pm ET
This in-person lecture will cover exercise recommendations, movements to avoid, and the importance of balance. It will be held at WellWay Cape Coral, 609 SE 13th Court, Cape Coral, FL 33990. The classroom is located on the second floor of WellWay. To RSVP, call 239-468-0050 or visit leehealth.org/events.

Yoga & Osteoporosis: What Not To Do

Thursday, October 26, 4:00-5:00pm ET
Movement is medicine! Join us as we discuss how to modify your yoga moves to minimize injury followed by a session on postural exercises. Please call 845-786-4711 or email info@nysopep.org to register for this free in-person community event. Location: Helen Hayes Hospital, Haverstraw, NY

Buff Bones® 10 Day Challenge – Your starting point in your exercise journey (all online!)

Tackle osteoporosis with this 10 Day roadmap to exercise for strong bones. Complete it at your leisure – all online – with access for 60 days. Repeat the videos as often as you like, and enjoy the online assessments at the start and end to measure your progress across the key skill sets needed to protect your bones. Save 30% with coupon code WODBB30 on World Osteoporosis Day (Friday, October 20th). If you have questions, please contact challengehelp@buff-bones.com. Sign up here: https://challenge.buff-bones.com

Yoga vs. Osteoporosis: Take Charge of Your Bone Health with Melanie Landers

Various Dates
Worried about osteoporosis, osteopenia, bone disease, and fractures? Choose between a 3-day or 4-week course and take charge of building your bone mineral density using a “no harm” approach with certified Yoga vs. Osteoporosis instructors, supported by a physical therapist & holistic nutritionist, so you can travel, play, and live your most active and vibrant life. The cost is $279 for the live Zoom event. Use code BHOF100 at checkout for $100 off. Special offer expires Sunday, October 22. If you have any questions, please contact melanie@ipivot-now.com. Register here: https://ipivot-now.com/yoga-vs-osteoporosis/

DancingBonez TAP with Penelope Wasserman

Various Dates
Now available online! DancingBonez tap lessons with Penelope are a fabulous way to participate in weight-bearing exercises to build strong bones and improve balance, coordination, and rhythm. Get more into your life in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace. Each month, Penelope teaches a new beginner tap dance combination that will you have on your way to Radio City Music Hall before you know it! The cost is $25 per month. Use code TAP4FUN at checkout to receive a promotional discount of $19.99 for the first month of your membership. Special offer expires Tuesday, October 31. If you have any questions, please contact pw@milliondollarbones.com. Register here: tap.milliondollarbones.com

Wellen™ Membership: Personalized Exercise Program for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia with Priya Patel

A Wellen membership grants you access to a safe, effective exercise program tailored to your strength capabilities and fitness goals, designed by Wellen’s expert physical therapists. The program focuses on exercises that are scientifically proven to improve bone health and reduce falls and fractures, including weight-bearing exercises, resistance training, and balance and posture exercises. The cost is $19 per month or $114 per year. Use code BHOF25 for 25% off either a monthly or annual membership. If you have any questions, please contact priya@getwellen.com. Register here: https://www.getwellen.com/

Capitol Hill Briefing: Women’s Bone Health Throughout the Lifespan

Please join us on Wednesday, October 25, from 12-1 pm ET for a Capitol Hill lunch briefing on the importance of women’s bone health throughout the lifespan.

Speakers: Andrea F. Singer, MD, FACP, CCD, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and Claire Gill, CEO, BHOF
Address: Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2060, 45 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20515
Register here: https://bit.ly/458EwWb

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