Your healthcare team may include your primary care doctor, family practice doctor or a specialist. Your healthcare team may also include other health professionals such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists and other health professionals.

Be prepared for your visit

For some people, visiting a doctor or healthcare provider can be stressful. You may feel nervous or rushed and forget to ask the right questions. The following tips can help you to make the most of your healthcare provider visit to help keep you and your bones healthy. Being prepared and organized can really pay off.

Write your questions down and bring them to your appointment. Before your appointment, write down any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with your healthcare provider. Put the most important items at the top of your list. Also remember to take paper and a pen or pencil with you to your appointment so you can take notes.

Let your healthcare provider know about any medications you take. Bring a list of all medications, including over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies and supplements you take to your next appointment. Your healthcare provider needs to know if any of your medications could cause bone loss or increase your risk of falls. He or she also needs to be aware of any possible interactions between your current medications, herbal remedies or supplements and any new medications you may start to take.ā€ŗ

Be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle. Your healthcare provider may ask you about the foods you eat, how much you exercise, and whether you smoke or drink alcohol. Be as truthful as possible. Giving honest and accurate information can help you and your healthcare provider to make important decisions about your bone health.

Bring a friend or family member with you. It is always helpful to have someone with you to take notes and ask questions. Your friend or family member can also help you remember what you and your healthcare provider discussed.

Ask additional questions. Often times, the discussion between you and your healthcare provider will leave you with more questions to ask. For example, you may not understand everything your healthcare provider tells you. Donā€™t be afraid to ask him or her to explain anything you donā€™t understand.

Other things to think about before your visit. If you donā€™t see well, use a wheelchair or have any other special needs, let the office know when you schedule your appointment. If you have glasses or hearing aids, make sure you have them with you. If you donā€™t speak English, make sure you have an interpreter. This could include someone you know and trust. You can also ask your healthcare providerā€™s office if they can help you find someone to translate if that is helpful to you.

Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider

Survey being filled out using a black pen
Prepare for each visit with a checklist of questions.

Many people find it helpful to take a list of questions with them when going to a medical visit. Print this handy checklist when you visit your healthcare provider for a bone health checkup. Write down the answers to the questions right on the form and keep it with your medical information.

Print Checklist
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