The individuals listed below are exercise professionals who have completed a BoneFitTM USA workshop. Through these workshops, they have been trained to work with people with low bone density. Use the tool to find an exercise professional near you!

The BoneFitTM – Find a Professional search tool is not a complete listing of all healthcare providers in any geographic area. Be sure to make appropriate local inquiries about specific qualifications before selecting a provider.

If you are an exercise professional who is interested in getting BoneFitTM trained, visit our BoneFit USA homepage.

Note: NOF does not make representations or guarantees about the qualifications or quality of care provided by any of the healthcare providers or organizations listed in the directory. NOF does not assess the quality of services offered by the healthcare providers and organizations listed in the directory. Listing in the directory is not a recommendation or endorsement of the healthcare provider or organization by NOF.

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Last Reviewed November 7, 2019

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