NOF and ASPC Position Statement on Calcium and Cardiovascular Disease »

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The National Osteoporosis Foundation frequently publishes position statements for the benefit of educating healthcare professionals and the general public on a particular issue and/or concern related to preventing osteoporosis and/or promoting strong bones throughout the lifespan. As part of NOF’s Methods and Processes for Developing Position Statements, we welcome public input and comments to the… Read more »

Fearing Drugs’ Rare Side Effects, Millions Take Their Chances With Osteoporosis »

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Millions of Americans are missing out on a chance to avoid debilitating fractures from weakened bones, researchers say, because they are terrified of exceedingly rare side effects from drugs that can help them.  Last month, the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, the National Osteoporosis Foundation and the National Bone Health Alliance put out… Read more »

Clinical Trial by Juvent Confirms New Device Improves Bone Density in Cancer Survivors »

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One our Corporate Advisory Roundtable members, Juvent, announced very positive results from the St. Jude Children’s Hospital Clinical Trial. An 11% increase in bone density was seen in childhood cancer survivors through their product, Juvent® Dynamic Motion Therapy Platform. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Oncology. To learn more,… Read more »

Medicare Nation Interviews from the Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis (ISO16) »

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NOF is pleased to share interviews recorded by the Medicare Nation podcast, media partner for NOF’s annual conference, the Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis, held May 12-15, 2016 in Miami, FL. Medicare Nation is a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing listeners everything they need to know about Medicare but are afraid to ask. They feature interviews… Read more »

NOF responds to The New York Times article, “Exercise Is Not the Path to Strong Bones” »

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NOF Trustee Heidi Skolnik, MS, CDN, FACSM, submitted a letter to the editor at the New York Times regarding its April 1, 2016 article, “Exercise is the Not the Path to Strong Bones.” Ms. Skolnik pointed out the importance of exercise to overall health, including fracture prevention. To view the New York Times article here: View the letter to… Read more »

New Wall Street Journal Article on the Benefits of Bisphosphonates Outweighing the Risks for Many Patients »

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The Wall Street Journal recently published an article detailing the benefits of bisphosphonates outweighing the risks for many patients. Text from the full article is included below. View the original article with graphics and visuals. More Support for Osteoporosis Drugs: The benefits of bisphosphonates outweigh the risks for many patients, according to new research and… Read more »

Listen to Your Bones »

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This article from the October issue of Dr. Oz Magazine includes strategies to help keep your bones strong and features quotes from NOF Clinical Director, Dr. Andrea Singer and Senior Director of Science Policy, Taylor Wallace, Ph.D. Read the full article.