| Osteoporosis in the News


“The research article, Supplemental Vitamin D and Incident Fractures in Midlife and Older Adults, published in the July 28, 2022, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) found that vitamin D supplementation does not prevent fractures in healthy adults. However, we know that vitamin D plays an important role in building and protecting bones by helping the body absorb calcium. The VITALS study, the largest and most comprehensive vitamin D study of its kind on a community population, did not address whether people with osteoporosis or low bone mass should take supplemental vitamin D along with calcium and a prescribed medication to prevent further bone loss. Healthy adults with no vitamin D deficiency should be able to get adequate amounts of vitamin D by consuming a well-balanced diet. People with osteoporosis and low bone mass should discuss their vitamin D levels with their healthcare provider to ensure they are getting an optimal amount.”
– Kenneth W. Lyles, MD, BHOF Board President