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Summary Core principles for fracture prevention address fundamental concepts for the evaluation and management of patients at risk for fracture. These are intended to form the foundation of clinical practice guidelines and represent a first step toward guideline harmonization.

Introduction The large number of clinical practice guidelines for osteoporosis and discordance of recommendations has led to confusion among clinicians and patients, and likely contributes to the large osteoporosis treatment gap. We propose that stakeholder organizations reach agreement on fundamental principles in the management of osteoporosis and prevention of fracture as a first step toward a goal of guideline harmonization.

Methods The best available evidence, as interpreted by an ad hoc working group of expert representatives from major osteopo-rosis societies in North America, was considered in the development of core principles for skeletal healthcare. These principles were subsequently endorsed by the USA National Osteoporosis Foundation, Osteoporosis Canada, and Academia Nacional de Medicina de Mexico (National Academy of Medicine of Mexico).

Results Core principles are summarized here in bullet format. Categories include evaluation, lifestyle and nutrition, pharmaco-logical therapy, and monitoring. A pathway forward to achieve guideline harmonization, at least in part, is proposed.

Conclusion Greater concordance of recommendations for the care of patients at risk for fracture are expected to lead to improved patient care across jurisdictions, with a narrowing of the osteoporosis treatment gap and reduced burden of fractures.

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