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Washington, DC – The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) sent the following statement to Members of Congress on the importance of protecting Medicare Part D:

NOF is concerned that recent changes to the Medicare Part D program in the Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA) of 2018 opens the door to other potentially harmful changes that could disrupt care for millions of beneficiaries, many who rely on Part D to survive.

Since its implementation in 2006, Medicare Part D has helped millions of Americans gain access to affordable prescription drug coverage. The program’s competitive market structure keeps drug prices and premiums low and provides patients with access to a wide range of treatment options.

In fact, the average basic premium for a Part D prescription drug plan in 2018 decreased from the year before. Part D is the rare government program that comes in under budget projections, making it sustainable for those who need it most. Changing the structure of Part D would undermine the program’s success and could jeopardize beneficiaries’ access to the care they need, potentially raising overall Medicare costs long term.

NOF opposes any change that threatens to limit access to lifesaving medicines, including attempts to repeal the non-interference clause of the Medicare Part D statute. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has stated multiple times that government negotiation would produce negligible savings unless the government also chooses to limit the availability of certain prescription drugs.

Negotiations between insurers and manufacturers already keep costs low for taxpayers and beneficiaries alike, and government interference in this process would ultimately lead to decreased access to medications for millions of already vulnerable patients.

NOF represents millions of Americans with serious chronic conditions who depend on the Part D program. We strongly urge Congress to protect the integrity of Medicare Part D and safeguard patients’ access to vital medications by rejecting any proposal that threatens to undercut this important program or limit patient access to lifesaving medications.

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