Honor your friends, family or yourself by purchasing a virtual “brick” in NOF’s Pave the Way to a Cure Campaign! Donations to this campaign can be made in memory of or in honor of someone or as a personal or family donation. The funds raised help support NOF operational expenses allowing us to sustain and expand our programs of education, research and advocacy. Your participation in the Pave the Way to a Cure Campaign will be a constant reminder of the impact of osteoporosis and the importance of bone health. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Donors (in alphabetical order)

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Lorene Falkner
1915-1999 Tyler, TX

Regina M Fanning

Helen Fanta

Harry G Farrell

Mr & Mrs Louis J Fazio

Phyllis Feder

Sylvia & Robert Feltman

Lewis Morris Fetterman

Harriett Figen Rutchick

Gordon O Finley
Sacramento, CA

Joe C & Maria Finnegan

Dr and Mrs L M Fishman
Miami, FL

John C & Dorothy D Fitterer

Arthur C Fleischer MD

Joseph Flood and Jeanne Likins

In Loving Memory
Helen S Foote

Catherine Fordney Ellis
Semper Fi

Wallace E Fore

In Memory of / Tacoma, WA
Alvina M Fox

Mrs. Roman Franczak

Nancy Fraser Carrie

Marjorie Freedman

Peggy Freeman
To Honor – Joe Freeman

Lucile Ann Friedli

Dallis Fritz

Lois E Fritz

Stanley Iwao Fujiyama

Kay Galvin
Raliegh, NC

Sharon Lee Gamache

Catherine Geonetta Carpenter

Mr. William George
Schnecksville, PA

Elizabeth Gerber Preston

Evelyn Virginia Gibson

Nancy Gidwitz

Annette E Gilbert

In Memorian
George and Elaine Giles

Cathy Gilles
Michael Giles

Jean C Gilman

Jane Ellen Glover

Joel Walker Goldsby

Ralph S Goldsmith

Barbara F Goodman

Marvin Gordon

In Memory of
Gladys B Gorin

Mrs. Marie Goudiss

Ruth M Graumann

Will & Anna Greenberg

Molly Greenberg

Edith Marie Gregory

Sharon Libby Grier

In Memory of
Bea Groginsky

Joan H Hacker

L Haddock MD
Prof. Emeritus – UPR SCH Medicine

Ms. Jean Hall Rebele’

Michael Stephen Hamden

In Memory of
Catherine H Hamilton

Dorothy M Hart

Eliza Hart

Jane Hartman RD

Dr & Mrs Aizid Hashmat

Donald & Alma Hazzard

Zane Henderson

Jimmie Mae Heng

Dr Manfred Henne

Vendla Henthorne

In Memory of / Alamogordo, NM
Helen Herbert

Wini Hickey
Spokane, WA

Connie Hicks
Loving Mother – Heidi Bobypauli

Littie M Hicks

J Hieshetter
E Greenberg

Jan Hilder

Robert G Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F Hohlt

Paula M Holbrook

Stan & Shirley Holgate

Charlotte Holm

Helen Holzer

Luella A Hopkins

Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Horwith

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Hoyle

Dorothy P Hull

Humanity in Love

Mr Robert W Hurst

J Sames – H Ward
Identical Twins

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