Honor your friends, family or yourself by purchasing a virtual “brick” in NOF’s Pave the Way to a Cure Campaign! Donations to this campaign can be made in memory of or in honor of someone or as a personal or family donation. The funds raised help support NOF operational expenses allowing us to sustain and expand our programs of education, research and advocacy. Your participation in the Pave the Way to a Cure Campaign will be a constant reminder of the impact of osteoporosis and the importance of bone health. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Donors (in alphabetical order)

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Gloria Ignudo Corrozi

Isabella Imire
Your spirit lives on in us

In Memory of 1-17-98
Bernard Isralow

In Memory of 7/30/17-1/30/00
Betty Jackson

Rosalyn M Jacobson
Our Mother

Dr. Michael H Jaffin

Julia A Janko

Linda S Janoscrat

Freda Marie Jarrett

L Eugene Jennings

Esther Barbara Jensen

In Memory of
Bertha L Johnson

Pamela M Johnson

In Memory of
B Ivy Johnson

Lucy Johnston

C Conrad Johnston Jr MD
NOF President

In Loving Honor
Margery Jones Haas

Judy M Judd

Gladys Justin Carr


Dorothy M Kahler

Mary W Kane

Memorial for
Evelyn Keevan

Elizabeth Ann Kelly

Juliet Liggan with Love
Zelda Kennedy

Beatrice Evelyn Kenney

Elisabeth Kenney Ecke

In Memory of
C Elizabeth Ketjen Simonsz

Mrs. Ruth Kieffaber Brubaker

Dr. Douglas P Kiel

Ms. Jean Kilpatrick

Jane Lois Kirkwood

Fran & Sam Kirshen
Best Grandparents

Paul D Kister

Toby & Harvey Klein
NY 1999

Harmony Klein

Francesca Kleinsmith

Ms. Doris M Knopf

Loretta Mae Kohler Naylor

Helen Kohn

In Loving Memory of
Sally Kollner

Bill & Mari Koser

In Memory of / with Love
Ann B Krein

Mr. & Mrs. Bud Krones

Esther L Krusell

Eugenia Krutz Lamar

Angeline Rose Kuflewski

John & Helen Lacouture

Kay T Ladd
ln Memory 1914-1998

Donna “Landis RN CDT-ODMC”
Laurel, MD

Laurel Endocrine Association

Michele Leber

Robert E Lee

Mabel Virginia Lee

In Honor of
Susan Lefkowitz

Dr. Edward Leib

Richard M Lent

Christine N Leonard

In Memory of
Mary Leota Simon

Let Us Pray For A Cure

Lucile Leven Weinress

Charlotte M Levin

Edith & Henry Levy

Elise Levy Margolius

Betty Bernice Lewis

Mary Ellen Lighthall

My Wonderful Mother
Ollive Lignana

Clara M Linabury

Elaine Lind

Robert Lindsay MD
NOF Past President

Diane & Scott Livingston

LODI Physical Therapy

Rose Ann Lonardo

Dr. Edrick Lopez Enriquez

Love to Jane
Love Exercise, Love Calcium

Annabelle Lundy Fetterman

Walter Coles Lusk

In Memory of
Peggy Lynch

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