Honor your friends, family or yourself by purchasing a virtual “brick” in NOF’s Pave the Way to a Cure Campaign! Donations to this campaign can be made in memory of or in honor of someone or as a personal or family donation. The funds raised help support NOF operational expenses allowing us to sustain and expand our programs of education, research and advocacy. Your participation in the Pave the Way to a Cure Campaign will be a constant reminder of the impact of osteoporosis and the importance of bone health. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Donors (in alphabetical order)

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We Love NOF
San Diego Osteo Support Group

In Memory of
Grace Saring

Eileen Savage

Jane Schallert Spehar

Lorietta L Scheerer

Dr. George Schneider

Lora K Schultz

Anne P Schulz

Florence A Schwartz

Dr Harold & Eleanor Schwartz

Ambassador & Mrs W.B. Schwartz Jr

Mary Scott Guest

Adele Seisler
Osteoporosis Activist

Mary Selden Johnson

In Memory of
Isabelle Reuben Roslyn Seligman

Joan M Selle

In Memory of With Love 1906-1999
Francis Sender

In Memory of My Mother
Evelyn Setters

Marie Virginia Severns

Rhonda Shaller Hornstein

Parvatamma Shamanna

David Edward Shaub

In Memoriam
Phyllis S Shaw

Barbara Sheets Fleming

Kitty M Sheldon

Diane Shields Smith

Patty Siegler
For a Great Mom!

A Lea Silas Lovis

Alam Silver and Eleanor Moore

Lillian Sindler
on Her 75th birthday

Toni Sisca Rockfeld
Love, Michael

Margaret Slate Walker

Florence Aleta Slater

In Memory of May 2000
Marion Smilgis

Mrs. Millie Smith

Mrs. Edith Mary Smith Sutton

Marcia Smith Sweitz

Mr. and Mrs. R. Spandau

Bob and Karen Spencer

Roberta Sprich

Toni Stabile

Vincent A Stabile

Katherine Stahlman

Roy T Stake

Joy & Larry Stark

Henrietta Stephen Morgan

Dr. Paula Stern

George Tom Stevens

In Memory of
Juanita (GO) Stowell

Thelma B Stribling
Westminster, SC

Marjory Stubbs Hammond

Norma F Styer

In Memoriam
Elsa M Summers

R Dororthy Sundberg MD

Lois M – Edith M – Edgar B Sutton

Ruth Swartzberg

Robert Swezey MD

Doug Swift

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