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Austin, TX — Intiva Health, a career platform for medical professionals, which recently announced an initial coin offering, is partnering with the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) on a charitable cryptocurrency donation program.

Investors who purchase Intiva Tokens, a cryptocurrency that can be used by licensed medical professionals to purchase such services as continuing education or cyber insurance on the Intiva Health Platform, can also use the tokens to make charitable donations to NOF.

Donors are increasingly embracing digital currency as a way to support their favorite charities. Fidelity Charitable, which helps donors contribute a wide range of assets to charities around the world, received $69 million in cryptocurrency donations in 2017, making it the fastest growing asset type accepted by the non-profit. That represents a tenfold increase since Fidelity Charitable started accepting bitcoin donations at the end of 2015.

Making donations in the form of cryptocurrency gives investors a way to offset tax liabilities they may have incurred when they cashed out the gains from their cryptocurrency holdings.

“This tax dilemma has created a whole new pool of potential philanthropists,” said John Hartigan, Intiva Health’s executive vice president. “Smart nonprofits like NOF are using cryptocurrencies to build a donation infrastructure for the future by allowing crypto enthusiasts an easy way to donate.”

“We’re pleased to partner with Intiva Health on its new Intiva Token and the opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies as donations to support our mission,” said Elizabeth Thompson, CEO, National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF). “The long-term potential of digital currency to have an impact on the resources available to nonprofits is exciting.”

Intiva’s platform makes it easier for licensed medical professionals and health care facilities to manage such burdensome tasks as credentialing, complying with continuing education requirements and job searching. The company will soon launch a new ReadyDoc™ credential verification solution, built on Swirlds’ hashgraph distributed ledger technology – the fatest and most secure platform available for managing healthcare information. ReadyDoc will allow Intiva’s users to achieve instant, secure verification, speeding up the process from months to seconds.
Intiva’s token sale will be the first to serve the licensed medical professional market and will provide rewards to the thousands of healthcare professionals who use the platform. Each time an end-user action is taken, medical professionals will receive a token, which they can then use to purchase goods and services on the platform, such as continuing medical education (CME) courses or malpractice insurance.

Interested investors can find more information about the Intiva Token by visiting: https://token.intivahealth.com. A private sale begins on April 19, and a public sale starts on May 7.

About Intiva Health
Intiva Health’s mission is to aid healthcare professionals throughout every step of their career. Intiva aims to create innovative, simple solutions that improve medical professionals’ quality of life and the efficiency of the industry itself. Intiva Health provides healthcare professionals with a single place to manage their credentials, continuing education, new job opportunities, secure messaging needs and more. Intiva Health is headquartered in Austin, Texas. www.intivahealth.com | @Intivahealth.

About the National Osteoporosis Foundation
Established in 1984, the National Osteoporosis Foundation is the nation’s leading health organization dedicated to preventing osteoporosis and broken bones, promoting strong bones for life and reducing human suffering through programs of awareness, education, advocacy and research. For more information on the National Osteoporosis Foundation, visit www.bonehealthandosteoporosis.org.

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