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May 31, 2022 (Arlington, VA) – Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month is commemorated annually in May. In support of the month, eight states have taken steps through legislation and executive action to raise awareness about the growing crisis of osteoporosis. Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and West Virginia have introduced, passed legislation or made gubernatorial proclamations calling for engagement to raise awareness about the importance of bone health throughout the lifespan.

“Approximately 54 million Americans are impacted by osteoporosis and low bone mass,” said Claire Gill, CEO of the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation (BHOF). “Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of the critical role bone health plays in our overall health and wellbeing. It is important to advocate for making bone health a greater priority on America’s health agenda.”

In 2021, BHOF commissioned a report from the actuarial firm, Milliman, to provide the latest, most detailed state-level review of the incidence of osteoporotic fractures, its health care impact, and associated Medicare costs. Overall, the report found that 1.8 million Medicare beneficiaries suffered 2.1 million fractures in 2016. Preventing just 20% of subsequent fractures could have saved $1.1 billion dollars in healthcare costs to Medicare.

For information about what can be done from a policy standpoint to strengthen bone health awareness and reduce osteoporotic fractures, visit https://www.bonehealthpolicyinstitute.org.

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About the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation (formerly the National Osteoporosis Foundation)

Established in 1984, the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation is the nation’s leading health organization dedicated to promoting strong bones for life, preventing osteoporosis and broken bones, and reducing human suffering through programs of awareness, education, advocacy, and research. For more information on the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation, visit https://www.bonehealthandosteoporosis.org

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