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Partnership emphasizes prioritizing bone-supporting nutrition this Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

May 23, 2024 (Arlington, VA) – The Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation (BHOF) is pleased to share an exclusive three-part series of the Bone Talk podcast sponsored by Sunsweet Growers Inc., the world’s premier dried fruit brand.

Three nutrition experts joined BHOF CEO Claire Gill to share their experiences, perspectives on bone health nutrition research, and recommendations for how to incorporate bone-supporting foods and lifestyle habits. By and large, osteoporosis disproportionally affects women. The CDC estimates that one in five women over age 50 are diagnosed with osteoporosis, while only one in twenty men are impacted.1 Not only are women often unaware of their risk, but many only start to prioritize bone health habits after they experience a broken bone.

“We hope these conversations will inspire consumers around the world, not only to start prioritizing bone health, but to help people understand why it matters, even at young age, by sharing simple ideas to take action,” said Gill.

Routine preventive bone health screenings are a critical step for those at risk. With greater awareness, people can adopt bone-supporting food and activity habits, such as incorporating prunes daily along with a strength training routine. These steps can play an important role in maintaining and strengthening bones throughout the lifespan.

“Once women reach menopause, they may already be at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis and nutrition can play a huge role in reducing that risk. Research shows that eating 5-6 prunes a day is an attainable, whole food strategy that can have a meaningful impact on bone strength,2,3” states Shirin Hooshmand, PhD, RD, and bone health researcher based at San Diego State University and a guest on the Sunsweet-sponsored BHOF podcast series. “But, since most women achieve peak bone mass by age 30, it is important to focus on building bone mass at a young age as well.”

The three-part Bone Talk series highlights how people can take advantage of the latest research on nutrition and bone health throughout their life to prevent and reduce their risk for bone loss.  Listen here:

“We’re grateful to Sunsweet for supporting our mission and helping to raise awareness about the role of good nutrition for bone health,” remarked Gill.

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Established in 1984, the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation (formerly the National Osteoporosis Foundation) is the nation’s leading health organization dedicated to promoting strong bones for life, preventing osteoporosis and broken bones, and reducing human suffering through programs of awareness, education, advocacy, and research. For more information on the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation, visit https://www.bonehealthandosteoporosis.org.

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Sunsweet Growers Inc., established in 1917, has over 100 years of experience and heritage in producing the highest quality dried fruits and juices. The Yuba City, Calif.-based cooperative of 200+ grower/members is the worldwide leader in prunes and related products. The product portfolio includes a full line of dried fruit snacks and beverages, that help people achieve their wellness goals with healthy and convenient food choices. For more on Sunsweet products, visit http://www.Sunsweet.com.

1Does osteoporosis run in your family? Genomics & precision health. Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. www.cdc.gov/genomics/disease/osteoporosis.htm. Updated May 20, 2022. Accessed May 7, 2024.

 2 Hooshmand S, Kern M, Metti D, Shamloufard P, Chai SC, Johnson SA, Payton ME, Arjmandi BH. The effect of two doses of dried plum on bone density and bone biomarkers in osteopenic postmenopausal women: a randomized, controlled trial. Osteoporos Int. 2016;27:2271-9.

3De Souza MJ, Strock NC, Williams NI, Lee H, Koltun KJ, Rogers C, Ferruzzi MG, Nakatsu CH, Weaver C. Prunes preserve hip bone mineral density in a 12-month randomized controlled trial in postmenopausal women: the Prune Study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2022;116(4):897-910.