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About BHOF Support Groups

Coping with the challenges of a new diagnosis or management of a condition can be difficult, and peer support can play a crucial role. Support groups provide people with the opportunity to learn from others in similar situations and reinforce the knowledge that they are not alone in facing difficult circumstances. Support groups can take many shapes and forms, including sharing meetings, educational meetings, or some combination of both.

Some important considerations before starting a support group include:

  • Who will coordinate and lead the group? Do you have a medical adviser or expert?
  • Where will the group meet? Is there already an existing group nearby?
  • Who will attend?
  • How frequently will the group meet?

The name of your support group and your email address will be posted on the BHOF website and on the BHOF Online Support Community hosted by Inspire. The online community has more than 50,000 members, many of whom would like to attend face-to-face meetings in their communities.

If you have questions about starting a support group, Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation Support Group Leader, Susan Recker, is available as a resource. Please contact her via email.

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